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WHITEDOVE HEALING: “Empowering Heart-Based Living”

Recreating your life by finding Peace, Purpose and Authentic Self Love.

Release ~ Heal ~ Evolve

WHITEDOVE HEALING is a Holistic Health Care practice focused on self-healing mind and body, transforming your life into Heart Centered Living!
By getting to the heart of your health issues through conscious living and positive change, you profoundly recreate your life!

Sheila Tillich, HearthMath® Certified Coach/Mentor in New York

Sheila Tillich ~ Holistic Health Advocate
Phone: (585) 313-3996
Email: sheila@whitedovehealing.org

Specializing in:

Heart Centered Living
Stress Management
Life Issue Mentoring
Metaphysical Spiritual Counseling
Energy Healing / Certification Classes

Address: 108 E. Church Street, #2, Fairport, NY 14450

New Address Effective June 4th:
Utopia Massage Center, 3380 Monroe Ave., #112, Rochester, NY 14618

Hours of operation by appointment only

“Heal Your Body ~ Still Your Mind ~ Open Your Divine Connection”

White Dove Healing - Sheila Tillich - Heart Based Healing