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Live from the heart, not the head. 

Put Love First. 

White Dove Healing - Sheila Tillich - Heart Based Healing
“I have had multiple long-distance IET sessions with Sheila. Why more than one? Because of the noticeable improvements in the specific issues I asked her to work on each time. During the sessions I have received meaningful visions and felt energetic changes. In our conversations after the sessions, Sheila and I shared similar experiences. While results may not have been immediate, over time it is clear that blockages have been removed, and I credit Sheila’s work with Spirit. She is a true healer.”
- Suzanne Giesemann, evidence-based medium, Author of “Messages of Hope” and “Wolf’s Message”
“Sheila Tillich is a one-of-a-kind, true gem, when it comes to energy healers. As an energy healer myself, she is the one I turn to when I need help. Her ability to communicate with spirit authenticates the experience like no other. She is a free spirit full of love and compassion which flows through her work. I would highly recommend the experience.”
Lori Smith, Awakenings, www.spiritual-awakenings.org
“Sheila’s work with the angels is truly exceptional. I have rarely come across someone who is not only able to transmit the sacred gifts from the source well but who can also connect with and feel the experiences the individual is having during the session. Sheila accesses both of these arenas with grace, humility, kindness and presence. I have been blessed with a deep connection to the spiritual and healing realms myself, honored with assisting others with their journeys.”
Amita Welles, Visionary Intuitive, Empath, Seer, Healer, Author & Speaker, www.rideswithfire.com

Healing Services

Help yourself & others heal; learn to release “issues from the tissues” permanently. IET® training may be used on a personal basis or to enhance the skills of health care practitioners.


WhiteDove Healing offers IET® private sessions in-person or via Distant Healing. Other services include Angel Card Readings, House Cleansing & Blessings, and Palliative Hospice Care.


Balanced chakras help you feel relaxed and whole. WhiteDove Healing uses essential oils to connect your physical body with your energy body for the ultimate balancing experience.


If you need a few words of encouragement to get through a tough day, or if you’re interested in learning how holistic therapies can help you heal, this is the newsletter for you.